My world, your story!

Here I am.

Nice to meet you, even If you’re just passing through or maybe you’re planning something big. Anyway, thank you for taking the time to discover my world.

I am Manu, creator of this dreaming project.

I like to describe myself like this:

I love the simple life, I love flowers, French songs from the 60s, but also Italian ones make me crazy, simple and refined events, village festivals, true love, the stories of old people who have a lot to teach you, the good and simple cuisine of the past, the flea markets, photography and any form of art.

I love dreams.

I try to make them.

But if I can not, I still go on dreaming … always!

My proposal.

Everything starts from the realization of a customized project based on the needs of the couples.

Not just the planning of an event but a coherent and always original creative study.

A coordinated and accurate study of the entire graphic design of the wedding based on the style of the event.

Everything is ready and programmed but you need vigilant attention on the day of your event.