My world, your story
``Agnese Sogna Semper`` is the two of us.
I am Manuela and she is Agnese!
An ambitious project that was born at a turning point in my life, in the process of becoming a mother (of Agnese to be precise) I lose my usual job, the one that seemed certain and sure. Move by the desire to give life to something unique but above all mine, this dream is born, completely dedicated to my little muse Agnese. She is now almost 7 years old.
I love to create unique, romantic and exclusive, intimate and original events. Projects with a simple but always sophisticated flavor, for dreamy souls like mine. I open my world to your story, I wait for you!
Manu's weddings
My proposal

Everything starts from the realization of a customized project based on the needs of the couples.

A coordinated and accurate study of the entire graphic design of the wedding based on the style of the event.

A consultancy is a professional support via Skype designed for you, lasting 1 hour.

A destination wedding requires a lot of organization, knowledge of the area, the right contacts, trust and patience.

Love for Sicily

“The Sicilian spring begins in January, and as the plants bloom it becomes a magician’s garden: mint sprouts on the banks of streams, dead trees are garlanded with dog roses, even the brutal cactus produces tender flowers. So I am not afraid of the arrival of winter: what better prospect than sitting in front of the fire waiting for spring? “- Truman Capote.

A wedding in Sicily is a fantastic prospect, a journey to discover a magical and constantly evolving land. A land that is sea, culture, tradition, people, love.

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