A service born from your request.

I receive more and more messages in Direct Ig or via e-mail from discouraged brides because of a catch or an obstacle that seems to be able to influence the progress of the design, couples who do not have the slightest idea of ​​how to leave for this fantastic but sometimes a very demanding undertaking, suppliers who shyly enter this world and feel the need to understand how to start on the right foot and how to find the balance between professional motivation and stylistic code.

A consultancy is a professional support via Skype designed for you, lasting 1 hour.

The consultancies are developed on two fronts:

  • consultancy for future couples
  • consultancy for professionals member of this wedding industry

Once you have decided to access this service, write me an email.
In this way you can anticipate the topic of our conversation and we will plan together the most suitable time for both of you for a serious discussion.

The price of this service is 110.00 euros / hour (VAT included)

If all this is right for you, contact me!